Monday, August 9, 2010


Wouldn't it be interesting if people could check into each others minds and see what's there?

Maybe I've wondered one too many times what my husband is thinking (which is almost never what I think he's thinking!). I've been at work and felt some one's eyes on me and am afraid they're thinking the worst when they're really thinking about the last episode of America's Got Talent and how they're going to get that stain out of their favorite shirt.

Sometimes people tell me things and I doubt what they say. Sometimes I want to know more than they are willing to say. Sometimes I'm just plain nosy - and please, God, forgive me for that!

So here's the question of the day:  If you could have total access to some one's mind for 15 minutes, who would it be and why?

Tell me what you're thinking and I won't need to pick you! As for me, I have to go with President Obama. Who wouldn't want to be a fly in the Oval Office?

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