Friday, August 6, 2010


Well, me hearties, I thought I'd start at the very beginning with numero uno ... the numeral 1 ... first thing's first ...

For the record, I'm not a pirate ...

I thought Uno was a clever name for my first post. Still do. But it didn't end there. It lead to a mad Google search, which is part of what life's all about (albeit a minuscule part) - to find out the exact definition of uno.

Well, blow me down! Here's a sampling of what I found (with a thankful nod to Wikipedia). It turns out uno is more than just a number.

Uno may refer to:

1.  A card game
2.  A political organization in Ecuador: Una Nueva Opcion
3.  A bus company in the United Kingdom
4.  A restaurant franchise (pizza anyone?)
5.  A small town in Kentucky
6.  A song by Muse
7.  A Swedish sports car - the UNO 001

Just a few more ...

8.  Universal Network Objects - the software component model used in
9.  A cosmetic brand by Shiseido
10. A person's name, either first or last ("Yo, Uno! C'mere ...")

I feel like David Letterman. "The Top Ten Uses for the Word Uno."

Enlightening ... and you heard it here first!

Uno ... and I'm out!

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